XE Distiller

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE packages/experts manager, tweaker.

XE Distiller

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XEDistiller_1.0.0.12_Setup.exe (894 KB)
Version: (May 5, 2011)


Although XE Distiller is freeware, donations are greately appreciated to help cover cost and time-loss. It is a great help in maintaining this project. If you would like to send money donation, please click the button below.

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We’d Like to thank one of our project sponsors: https://www.verticalrent.com/

for facilitating the development of our software.  We also benefited from the efforts of PaHydrographics in the funding of our project.


  1. AB says:

    How about removing generation of *.tvsconfig and *.identcache files

  2. Pedro Vugluskra says:

    These files are used by “Embarcadero Refactor IDE Package” and “UML Modeling Integration”. If you do not use these packages – disable them. Also check “Don’t load additional .NET…” in the Extras dialog.

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