Whats inside a gaming PC for beginners

So you want to build a gaming PC? Or, at least pick some good parts for a gaming PC. Then you’re at just the right place, in this guide we will go over in an easy to understand way what parts or components you’ll need on a gaming PC.

The chassis is the exterior of the PC. Under the chassis, you find all the parts that do the work on a gaming PC.

This is the brain of the gaming PC. It will do all the calculations the computer needs to do when you play video games or run programs on the PC. The big brands in processors are AMD and Intel, In a gaming PC, you’ll need a powerful PC that will run the latest games without lag.

Hard drive
The hard drive is where you save your files. How much space a hard drive has is measured in GB or TB. 1000GB is 1TB. To get a hard drive that will allow you to save as many files as you want to go for a hard drive with 1TB of space.

RAM is where the computer saves things for short-term memory. A good ram is necessary for gaming as most games require at least 4GB RAM to play smoothly.

The motherboard is the part of the PC that connects all parts together. It is on the motherboard you install all other components on the PC. A good motherboard is the Gigabyte Micro ATX, the best baby lake motherboard for gaming.

The PSU or the power supply is the part that converts the electricity in the outlet to electricity the computer can use. For gaming you’ll need a PSU that can give a lot of electricity or Watts, so get at least 500W or more in your PSU for a gaming PC.

Hope you learned a bit more about the parts ina PC and that you know understand the basics.

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