The Best 5 Gaming Headsets So Far

Almost every PC gamer is very particular and choosy about his or her gaming environment. They generally like the gaming environment to look very appealing and stylish. They like to use the best gaming gears or peripherals available in the market to make the game more interesting.

Commonly used gaming gear or peripherals:

1. Gaming chairs: Considering the number of hours a gamer spends on playing the games, it is very necessary to have a chair that does not strain his back and keeps his spine rested. A bad gaming chair can cause a lot of pain especially on the lower back.

2. Gaming glasses: These help to not only improve the visual quality but also act as a protection for the eyes. They help to reduce the strain on eyes and thus give a relaxing effect.

3. Keyboard: Many manufacturers create gaming keyboards that are superior and more comfortable to use than the generic ones. A comfortable keyboard can drastically improve your performance while gaming. Also a backlit keyboard not only adds to the look but also subtly states that the gamer is willing to spend a little more to create an ambience.

4. Gaming headsets: After the visual effects and graphics, the sound system is the heart of all gaming experience. Hence it is essential to find quality gaming headset to retain interest and enjoy the game.

What to look for in a good gaming headset:

The choice of a gaming headset is completely dependent on the user. The factors considered would be budget, ability to enhance the sound quality and interference with outside sound.

The top 5 gaming headsets in today’s market:

Steelseries: It is a wireless headset with Dolby 7.1 surround sound. The good thing about it is that it provides sharp and clear sound. The battery life is also said to be good. Some users have claimed that the battery has lasted for more than 20 hours. However the main drawback is that though the gaming sounds are exceptionally clear and good, these headsets are not very good when it is used to listen to music. Somehow these headsets don’t seem to capture the music sounds well.

Logitech wireless w/7.1 surround sound: The main advantage is that these headsets can be used even while the batteries are charging. They have superior Dolby surround sound effect. The range within which these headsets can be used also varies up to 40ft. However the drawback that gamer’s state with these headsets is the bass quality not so good hence reduces the thrill associated with the game.

Turtle Beach Ear force X12 with amplified stereo sound: This has a comfortable design and the sound quality is good. It also comes with extra cables. It has a built in sound amplifier which enhances the sounds of the game making it more enjoyable. On the flip side they are not cordless so the chances of tangled wires and accidental tripping. These speakers have fewer drivers so the sound effect is not that great. But that can be overlooked if the gamer is not very particular about the surround sound because the general sound quality is very good.

Sony playstation gold wireless: This headset stands out because it is not very expensive easy and comfortable to use. However the bass is not very good and though the surround sound quality is good for the price of the headset, the overall sound quality is not so remarkable. It is ideal for gamers who are willing to compromise on sound quality for budget.

Kingston tech hyper X cloud II gaming: This has a rugged metal frame with added padding to comfort the ears. However it is a cabled headset and also the sound quality not as clear as the other models.

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